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Garden Decor

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10017281 Climbing Big-Eyed Kitten Decor "Giles"

Climbing Big-Eyed Kitten Decor "Giles"

Place this hanging kitten named Giles on the edge of your favorite potted plant or garden wall and you'll be charmed by him every day! A fun accent...


10016383 Climbing Cat Decor

Climbing Cat Decor

This mischievous tabby cat can't resist climbing up to see what's on the other side. He's captured in lifelike detail and will hang from your...


10017280 Climbing Curious Kitten Decor "Lucy"

Climbing Curious Kitten Decor "Lucy"

Lucy the kitten sure is curious! Her sweet face and folded ears make her a charming addition to the edge of your favorite potted plant or garden...


10018097 Climbing Curious Raccoon Buddy

Climbing Curious Raccoon Buddy

This curious little bandit is looking for some fun! Hang this cute raccoon from your garden wall or fence and you'll enjoy his mischievous smile all...


10017276 Climbing Cutie Border Collie "Misty"

Climbing Cutie Border Collie "Misty"

Misty wants to hang around with you! She's a charming addition to the edge of your favorite potted plant, garden wall, or anywhere else that could...


10017277 Climbing Cutie Dotson Puppy "Parker"

Climbing Cutie Dotson Puppy "Parker"

This curious little doggy named Parker wants to check out what's going on with your favorite potted plant or on the other side of your garden wall....


10017278 Climbing Cutie White Terrier Puppy "Aspen"

Climbing Cutie White Terrier Puppy "Aspen"

Let this charming little pup named Aspen hang around your house with you! He's the perfect accent for your favorite potted plant, or you can even...


10018098 Climbing Golden Bunny Buddy

Climbing Golden Bunny Buddy

A charmingly cute little bunny rabbit is climbing up your garden wall for a friendly visit! This outdoor accent has fine details that make it look...


10017284 Climbing Golden Retriever Decor "Koda"

Climbing Golden Retriever Decor "Koda"

What's Koda up to? Climbing your garden wall! This charming indoor or outdoor accent is the perfect addition to any potted plant or fence. Measures:...


10018096 Climbing Little Piggy Buddy

Climbing Little Piggy Buddy

This little piggy is looking to quench his curiosity by peeking over your fence or wall. Hang him up on your garden wall and he'll make you smile...


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Nibbling Squirrel Garden Statue 11/17/2017
Butterfly Stepping Stone 10/20/2017
Standing Bunny Statue 09/22/2017
Climbing Squirrel Decor "Chip" 09/22/2017
Celestial Glow in the Dark Stepping Stone 09/22/2017
Curious Rabbit Garden Statue 09/15/2017
Tropical Tango Flamingo Statue 09/15/2017
Sun and Moon Glowing Stepping Stone 09/15/2017
Bursting Sun Glowing Stepping Stone 09/15/2017
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