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Stools & Benches

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10017922 Blue and White Ceramic Decorative Stool

Blue and White Ceramic Decorative Stool

This rich accent piece will look like a million bucks in your space! This ceramic decorative stool features a white background that's decorated with...

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10017413 Butterfly Garden Ceramic Stool

Butterfly Garden Ceramic Stool

This ceramic stool is beautifully embellished with butterflies, flowers and leaves over the top of a vintage-looking glazed backdrop. Use it as a...

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10016782 Butterfly Post White Stool

Butterfly Post White Stool

The heart of romantic decor beats strong lovely foot stool. The crisp white fabric is stamped with pretty pink roses, delicate butterflies and...


10016182 Chic Chevron Stool

Chic Chevron Stool

Go bold! This dramatic stool is designed to add a dose of color and a splash of dynamic style to your room. The openwork iron frame features a...


10017632 Classic Wooden Stool

Classic Wooden Stool

Here's a home accent that will always be in style! This simply classic wooden stool is fashioned from acacia wood and feature a round seat with four...


10015481 Dachshund Doggy Bench

Dachshund Doggy Bench

Dare we say this is cutest bench in existence? We do! This Dachshund Doggy Bench is adorable from top to tail and will charm your friends and family...


10017618 Eiffel Tower Bar Stool

Eiffel Tower Bar Stool

Sit in Parisian style, no matter where you live! This cool iron bar stool features an architectural Eiffel Tower base and an MDF wood seat. Match it...

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10016509 Elephant Decorative Stool

Elephant Decorative Stool

Beauty and function, this ceramic stool has it all! Gleaming white ceramic features an artistic elephant bust. It works indoors and outdoors, and can...


10017412 Far East Elephant Ceramic Stool

Far East Elephant Ceramic Stool

An exotic treasure that you'll enjoy for years to come! This beautiful ceramic stool has a crackled finish that's overlaid with a breathtaking Far...


10017921 Floral Garden Decorative Stool

Floral Garden Decorative Stool

Bring the glorious sights of a garden in bloom inside with this beautiful ceramic decorative stool. It's soft green background is the perfect stage...

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Royal Paris Stool 09/15/2017
Butterfly Garden Ceramic Stool 08/31/2017
Blue and White Ceramic Decorative Stool 08/30/2017
Fuzzy White Ottoman Pouf 08/18/2017
Moroccan Lace Stool Ottoman 08/18/2017
Floral Garden Decorative Stool 08/18/2017
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