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Dragon Décor

Accessories with Legendary Grandeur! Fantasy comes home in our stunning collection! Each piece is destined to add drama to your décor and win many an admiring glance from your guests.

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10039269 Armored Dragon Wall Crest

Armored Dragon Wall Crest

From beneath the hood of his intricate armor, a horned dragon inspires heartfelt fear with his malicious stare. Removable swords are a chillingly...

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10015190 Black Dragon Chess Set

Black Dragon Chess Set

Fire-breathing beasts battle for supremacy above the charred remains of dragon warriors that perished in this never-ending battle. Perched atop four...


10015257 Black Dragon Mantel Clock

Black Dragon Mantel Clock

This dramatic mantel clock features a mythical winged dragon guarding the eternal hands of time. Golden roman numerals on the face of the...


10015262 Black Dragon Treasure Box

Black Dragon Treasure Box

Worthy trinkets and treasures will be protected by this fearsome dragon. Whatever you keep in this intricately carved box, it will be guarded by a...

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10015192 Black Tower Dragon Chess Set

Black Tower Dragon Chess Set

The battle for ultimate rule of the kingdom: cold-blooded dragons versus bloodless dragons! On a glass chess board resting atop a war-ravaged castle...


10017305 Blue Dragon Glass Goblet

Blue Dragon Glass Goblet

This clear glass wine goblet features a polyresin blue dragon emblem. Perfect for display in your china cabinet. For decorative purpose only....


10039824 Color Change Dragon Figurine

Color Change Dragon Figurine

An armored dragon gazes deeply into a glowing crystal ball, beholding the secrets of centuries past. Color-change LED light casts a mystical glow...


10015191 Color Dragon Chess Set

Color Dragon Chess Set

The dawn of chess, brought to life with blue and red winged beasts in a legendary battle as old as time itself. Battalions of finely detailed dragon...


10034738 Dragon Accent Table

Dragon Accent Table

A mystical, fire-breathing beast perches beneath this tempered glass tabletop, ready to sweep you away to lands of myth and legend. Dimensions: 20"...


10037960 Dragon Candleholder

Dragon Candleholder

In a scene from countless tales, a medieval castle is besieged by a fierce winged predator. Perched upon the highest tower, he presides over the...


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Armored Dragon Wall Crest 12/15/2017
Dragon Rider Figurine 12/15/2017
Dragon Fire Incense Burner 12/15/2017
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