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Asian Décor

Bring Far East Asia Style into your home. The dynasty of great design is upon us. The treasures of the Far East is focused on meditation and the art of detailed beauty. Bring the perfect balance between past and present into your home and create your own Zen experience.

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10017372 Asian Pagoda Candle Lantern

Asian Pagoda Candle Lantern

The striking architectural elements of this unique candle lantern, coated in a slate gray finish, give a classic lighting accent a modern feel. An...


10016194 Buddha Plaque Candle Decor

Buddha Plaque Candle Decor

Creating a space that's equal parts calming and gorgeous is easy with this beautiful candle holder. The wood frame holds two clear glass tealight...


10015160 Buddha Table Lamp

Buddha Table Lamp

Enlightened light can be yours as this ancient-style Buddha figurine in the lotus position quietly meditates underneath a standard bulb. The dark...


10017062 Calming Buddha Head Fountain

Calming Buddha Head Fountain

The peaceful presence of this Buddha Head tabletop fountain will add a zen-like calm to your room. Made from ceramic, the soothing sound and sight of...


10017768 Happy Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain

Happy Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain

True happiness comes from within... this fountain! You'll love this happy, laughing Buddha, complete with a light-up LED ball. The water bubbles up...


10014581 Happy Sitting Buddha Statue

Happy Sitting Buddha Statue

The Happy Buddha's sitting pose enhances his big belly which represents wealth and prosperity. With such an infectious smile, this silver and black...


10017027 Lounging Buddha Statue

Lounging Buddha Statue

This unique Buddha statue reminds you to take a moment to bask in the beauty of the moment. Lounging Buddha wears a beautiful robe and headdress with...


10016164 Meditating Buddha Statue

Meditating Buddha Statue

Decorate your home with a touch of peace, tranquility and Zen! This intricately designed Buddha statue captures him in deep meditation and has a...


10016195 No Evil Buddha Candle Garden

No Evil Buddha Candle Garden

Invite peace and serenity into your home and remind everyone to speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil. The wooden frame of this serenity...


10016193 No Evil Buddha Candle Stand

No Evil Buddha Candle Stand

Three happy Buddhas remind us to speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil. This charming lighting accent features a dark wood base and three...


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