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Outdoor Fountains

Create a peaceful oasis in your back yard with whimsical water fountains.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
10035144 Acorn Fountain

Acorn Fountain

Water flows down three gracefully crafted tiers from a cleverly rendered acorn that symbolizes the huge potential that lies within very small things....


10017256 Apple Barrel Cascading Fountain

Apple Barrel Cascading Fountain

Ready for a dramatic and charming fountain for your yard? This beautiful three-tiered fountain features apple barrels with black iron banding, and...


10013841 Apple Barrel Fountain

Apple Barrel Fountain

Sparkling waterfalls cascade from spout to spout down the faces of three stacked bushel baskets. This generously sized fountain with genuine wood...


10016927 Bucketful Outdoor Fountain

Bucketful Outdoor Fountain

This sweet little girl is helping her animal friend by giving him an unlimited supply of fresh water. With lights and a submersible water pump, the...


10017966 Buddha Pedestal Water Fountain

Buddha Pedestal Water Fountain

This water fountain blends classic style with peaceful zen. The classic pedestal base and water basin holds a beautiful Buddha figure in a meditative...


10032001 Couple Water Fountain

Couple Water Fountain

A young couple is caught in a spring shower, but their thoughts don't appear to be on the weather. Brings out the romantic in everyone! Dimensions:...


10017064 Doggy Wash Fountain

Doggy Wash Fountain

Two precious children are taking care of their little pup by giving him a bath at the water pump. Water flows out of the pump and over the doggy in...


10017528 Eagle Strength Water Fountain

Eagle Strength Water Fountain

This stunning water feature will look great indoors or outside. The base features a weathered tree trunk that flows with the soothing sight and sound...


10034189 Fairy Maiden Water Fountain

Fairy Maiden Water Fountain

A fetching fairy maid pours water in sparkling tiers down a series of open blossoms. A splendid centerpiece for your garden! Dimensions: 19 1/2"...


10013057 Fun and Play Water Fountain

Fun and Play Water Fountain

What's more refreshing than a cool drink on a hot day? Beautiful bronze-look fountain shows two children at innocent play in the garden. Weathered...


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