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Home Party Business

Home Business Opportunities!

Make your work a party! Meet new people and have fun with your friends and family, all while earning extra income. Host a fun happy hour gathering or a weekend get-together. We'll show you how.

If you've ever attended a get-together at a friend's house in which products such as kitchenware, cosmetics, or baskets were offered for sale, you've been to a "home party" sale. Depending on your goals and the amount of time you are willing to commit to your home business, you could earn a living while having fun!

Join The Edington Collection Home Party Business!

You can earn 30% to 50% of your product retail sales! You fill your orders online and only pay wholesale prices. There is no monthly minimum requirement.

Easy to understand! Easy to do! Easy to make money!
That's The Edington Collection Home Business Plan!

Get Paid to Party!

People love to look through catalogs, and more important, they love to buy from catalogs. Catalogs expose your product to potential customers and the merchandise sells itself. You only have to show people the catalogs to pique their interest in buying.

With The Edington Collection's Home Party program, there's no multi-level element to worry about. Simply throw parties yourself or find others to host parties. Invite friends and family, and you sell the products at retail but you only pay wholesale - and pocket the profits!

Professionally designed, full color catalogs are available from The Edington Collection. Each catalog has a special place designed for you to personalize them with your name or business name. The Edington Collection name does not appear in or on any catalog... they're truly yours!

Here is a list of catalogs with a brief description of each of them:

World of Products Catalog.World of Products
Over 275 pages, your largest catalog featuring the best selling products at retail prices.


Bayberry Lane Catalog. Bayberry Lane
Featuring top performers in a fabulous presentation and carefully designed to be one thing above all else: compelling.
Big Value Book. Big Value Book
Now, more than ever, people are looking for value, and with all the items prices at $19.95 or less, this catalog is hard to beat.


Christmas Collection Catalog.Christmas Collection
From fun and festive to traditional, Christmas Collection contains terrific holiday gifts and decorative accessories that make the holidays merry and bright.

How It Works

The Benefits Just Keep Stacking Up!

You are your own boss, so you’ll work a schedule that fits your lifestyle. There is no pressure – this is designed to be your business!
You earn Reward Points on every product you purchase which can be used as payment on future orders - more money in your pocket.
Save when you shop for yourself. You can purchase our products at wholesale prices for personal use.
Meet new people and have fun while you work. You’ll be surprised how many friends you’ll make with The Edington Collection.
A hassle-free business with no inventory - you won’t have your money tied up in products.

Do everything you can to capture as much information about each customer as possible, including their e-mail address. Occasionally draft an e-mail or mail a postcard to your customers promoting products. The Edington Collection designs full color Product Flyers, formatted in PDF, and are available for you to download for free to distribute to your customers. Reminders of special occasions and the holidays can also be effective in getting that extra sale. These techniques can keep you firmly in your customer's mind, generating more sales - and more profit.

Get Started

Is your desire financial freedom, flexible work hours, fabulous friendships or simply making your dreams a reality? This is a business that you can start by doing it in your spare time. This type of business is a big hit for stay-at-home parents as they can socialize with friends, look after their children, and earn an income all at the same time. Don’t miss out on your chance to gain huge personal and financial rewards - Get Paid to Party!

With access to thousands of the hottest selling home décor products at wholesale prices, we make it easy to launch your own successful home business. You simply choose which products you want to sell, use any combinations of our marketing methods to get new customers, collect their orders and pocket the profits!

Join The Edington Collection Home Party Business!

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