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Internet Marketing

Home Business Opportunities! Work from Home with Internet Marketing!

Make money while you sleep! Leverage your own website, auction sites, and online marketplaces to generate sales. Let the web work for you.

With the rapidly increasing number of households with access to the internet this is an exciting way to market to thousands of potential customers. The Internet is an important marketing arena and an increasingly critical element of your business. Web sites are becoming mandatory business tools as fundamental and important as a business card.

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Here are a few ways you can put your business on the web:

  • Build your own website or hire a design firm to create one for you.
  • Hire an e-Commerce website company and insert your product selection.
  • List your products on Ebay, Google Shopper, Yahoo, Amazon and other online marketplaces.
  • List your products on Social Media sites; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
  • Online malls allow you to join forces with other retail businesses on the Net.

It's a big, ever-expanding world out there in cyberspace, and there are lots of places to visit. The goal is to make sure that your site connects with shoppers looking for the types of products you sell and that your site becomes one of their favorite places to shop.

There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your site, both on and offline:

Offline Traffic Drivers

  • Notify your customers about your website by "snail mail" (the U.S. Postal Service).
  • You can purchase a mailing list from a list broker for marketing efforts, be sure to include information about your website.
  • If you do any promotions or advertising, make sure your website address is featured along with your normal contact information.
  • Your business cards, letterhead, catalogs, product flyers, and any mailings you do should always include your website address.
  • Use a postcard to announce your site. Write a teaser as to what you will offer. List your website address, along with your name, address, phone and e-mail address.

Online Traffic Drivers

  • Search Engines
    Although no advertising avenue should be left unexplored for your website, the most necessary and inexpensive one to persue is to register with search engines. Search engines are like Internet phone books. Basically, your site will be listed in a given search according to specific keywords or "meta-tags", along with other sites selling similar merchandise.
  • Meta-Tags / Keywords
    Ideally, you need to insert in your web code keywords that you think will lead Internet shoppers to your website. It's better to focus on specific products like figurines, clocks, lamps, etc. instead of targeting general product terms like gifts, gift ideas, online store or gift shop. The point here is to use keywords that fewer websites are competing for, which will give you a better chance of ranking higher in search results.
  • Banner Advertising Exchanges
    A banner is a small, colorful boxed message that appears as an ad on a given site. A banner has very little room to convey a message, and only a moment to attract anyone's attention, so its brief messages often contain a free gift, an item at a sale price, or an intriguing question. Banner advertising is usually done for a fee, but there are banner services that work on an exchange system.
  • Online Malls
    Online malls allow you to join forces with other retail businesses on the Net. The power of a mall situation is that merchants who join together presumably have more visibility, and can generate more traffic. Malls generally charge a fee to join, so you may have to pay a percentage of your sales or a fixed cost on each transaction.
  • Do Not Spam
    "Spamming," or sending unsolicted ads to e-mail addresses, is a bad practice and is against the law. People may be paying by the minute for their online time, and when they spend money reading ads that they did not request, they may get angry and put you on thier list of sites to avoid. Worse, you could be black listed by the major search engines and then no one will find your site.

The Internet is a huge space and word gets around fast. Don't risk your business reputation by engaging in unethical or unlawful actions on the web.

Getting your product noticed is crucial to success. The web grows and forges ahead daily, so keep up on the latest events, trends and ways of improving your product's visibility on the web.

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