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Farmers Markets

Home Business Opportunities! Work from Farmers Market, Flea Markets & Swap Meets!

A truly enjoyable way to launch your business, this method is fun for the entire family and easy to do part time. Showcase your products at farmers markets, flea markets, swap meets, or any type of street fair.

You can find regularly scheduled swap meets, craft fairs and flea markets in cities and towns of all sizes. They may be held at the local drive-in theater, in large parking lots, warehouses, community centers - just about anywhere there's enough room to put up some booths and bring a crowd.

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Two Keys to Swap Meet Success

Over the years scores of successful members selling at swap meets have told us that the two most important things you can bring with you are:

  • A friendly, upbeat attitude.
  • A willingness to barter and "play the game."

During the Swap Meet

  • When you arrive at the meet, find your space and set up. Rehearse your set-up at home, so you can plan the most attractive display before your're actually at the meet.
  • Decide on your "bottom line," that is, the lowest price you will accept for each item.
  • Be prepared to take checks and credit cards. Today you can get apps for smartphones that allow you to accept credit cards - on the spot.
  • Have Fun!

Do everything you can to capture as much information about each customer as possible, including their e-mail address. Occasionally draft an e-mail or mail a postcard to your customers promoting products. The Edington Collection designs full color Product Flyers, formatted in PDF, and are available for you to download for free to distribute to your customers. Reminders of special occasions and the holidays can also be effective in getting that extra sale. These techniques can keep you firmly in your customer's mind, generating more sales - and more profit.

Every time you make a sale always stuff the order with a business card, catalog or product flyer. Make sure your customer knows how to contact you to place additional orders.

Swap meets and flea markets are fun, profitable, and can be a great launching pad for your business. Some members begin with swap meet sales and go on to opening gift shops or mail order businesses.

With access to thousands of the hottest selling home décor products at wholesale prices, we make it easy to launch your own successful home business. You simply choose which products you want to sell, use any combinations of our marketing methods to get new customers, collect their orders and pocket the profits!

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