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Direct Mail

Home Business Opportunities! Work from Home with Direct Mail!

Showcase your products and sell them directly to the consumer through eye-catching mailings. This method ensures that your offering makes it into a variety of homes throughout your community and beyond.

Ever dreamed about going to your mailbox and pulling out a fistful of checks? That is the magic of mail order, and to be sure, it is a powerful allure.

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Direct Mail Marketing is exciting and fun, but it's also a highly competitive, potentially expensive method. If you don't know the rules of the game, it can cost you plenty in terms of time, effort, and money. Direct Mail is definitely NOT something you want to learn by trial and error.

The best time to start a direct marketing campaign is AFTER you have built a modest mailing list of your own from other marketing programs. For example, if you're selling at a swap meet you should capture the names and address of every customer. That's a super-target mailing list.

Your Direct Mail Tools: High Impact Catalogs

As a Business Member you will have easy access to full color catalogs. Each catalog has a special place designed for you to personalize them with your name or business name. Discounts are given at various quantities and The Edington Collection name does not appear in or on any catalog... they're truly yours!

Here is a list of catalogs with a brief description of each of them:

World of Products Catalog.World of Products
Over 275 pages, your largest catalog featuring the best selling products at retail prices.


Bayberry Lane Catalog. Bayberry Lane
Featuring top performers in a fabulous presentation and carefully designed to be one thing above all else: compelling.
Big Value Book. Big Value Book
Now, more than ever, people are looking for value, and with all the items prices at $19.95 or less, this catalog is hard to beat.


Christmas Collection Catalog.Christmas Collection
From fun and festive to traditional, Christmas Collection contains terrific holiday gifts and decorative accessories that make the holidays merry and bright.

Distributing Your Catalogs

Once you have decided to give direct mail a try, you will need to get educated on developing mailing lists.

  • The House List
    This is the most important list you will ever use. This list begins with the people you know, from neighbors to relatives to friends. They are the most likely candidates to either become customers or introduce people to you who could become customers in the future. Maintain these records well and use this list often because, after people have bought from you, they will be likely to by again... and again.
  • The Response List
    This is someone else's "house" list. It is a list of customers put together by a person or firm. This list probably will not be as effective as your "house list" because they are not your original customers; however, there are the most productive lists you can obtain because every person on the list has responed in some way by mail to the list owner's offer.
  • The Compiled List
    A compiled list is a list of names and addresses from directories, phone books, club rosters, etc. They are usually based on some common factor: all doctors, car owners, teachers, etc. The names on this type of list are generally not as responsive to direct mail offers. These lists do however, have a purpose becuase they group people by common interests and can be broken down further by age, types of products they buy and so forth.

Where to Get Mailing Lists

There are 3 primary sources for a mail order buyer mailing list. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to get.

  • Mailing List Distributors
    They buy mailing lists and distrute them. Take advantage of renting from them is they can rent lists in small quantities; usually as few as 1000.
  • Mailing List Brokers
    List brokers don't buy and sell their own lists, they act as brokers for big advertisers whoses lists are on computers. Your primary objective is to obtain order from customers, so be sure to ask for a mail order buyer list (names of people who have a history of buying through the mail).
  • Advertisers
    Lists may also be bought directly from advertisers, though mail list brokers usually make the process easier and quicker and can be less expensive.
  • Phone Books and Directories
    It is not recommended that you use phone books or directories to create a list for you mailings. The return on lists from phonebooks and directories is minimal.

Mailing Your Catalogs

When you mail a letter, it is a piece of cake: just slap a stamp in the corner and away it goes. Mailing a catalog - especially in bulk - is a bit more involved. It is not hard, but you have to know the procedure so that you can take advantage of the best possible postal rates.

Serious direct mail sellers will want to have a postal permit, which allows mailing at 3rd Class Standard (Bulk) rates. Standard Rate permits can save you 50% in mailing costs when compared to sending catalogs First Class. You can get detailed information from your local Post Office in how to obtain a postal permit and what sorting and bundling requirements there may be.

Stay In Touch - Build Your Business

The key to Direct Mail Marketing is simple: Take good care of your customers!

Personal notes and an occasional phone call can keep you firmly in your customer's mind. Reminders of special occasions and holidays can also be effective in getting that extra sale. Occasionally draft an e-mail or mail a postcard to your customers promoting products. The Edington Collection designs full color Product Flyers, formatted in PDF, and are available for you to download for free to distribute to your customers. These techniques can keep you firmly in your customer's mind, generating more sales - and more profit.

With access to thousands of the hottest selling home décor products at wholesale prices, we make it easy to launch your own successful home business. You simply choose which products you want to sell, use any combinations of our marketing methods to get new customers, collect their orders and pocket the profits!

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